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CNC Capabilities

3 - Axis CNC Milling Machine Centre

Our 3-axis CNC milling machine combines the expectations and requirements of our customers. This machine design impresses with a single piece machine bed made of cast iron, reinforced slide units, directly driven ball screws and direct absolute path measuring systems. This enables high positioning accuracy (Pmax 5 μm) and maximum stability in the field of power cutting.

3-Axis Milling Machine

4 ½ - Axis CNC Milling Machine Centre

Our 4 ½ axis CNC milling machine is an all-rounder capable of high-efficient machining of complex-shaped workpieces for various industrial fields. The integration of a turning centre and a machining centre achieves high performance, which enables efficient process integration for high-mix low-volume production as well as mass production.

This results in greater profits for customers.

4-Axis Milling Machine

5 - Axis CNC Milling Machine Centre

The mineral cast machine bed, and the thermo-symmetrical travelling column guarantee a high degree of rigidity and long-term stability. Spindle options up to 20,000 rpm and the ability to integrate two NC rotary tables offer various applications.

With larger guideways, higher feed forces, and tool magazine holds up to 120 tools are especially suited to high precision machining.

5-Axis Milling Machine

Gantry Machining Centre

Specially designed to process large and complex shaped workpieces on General machinery, aviation, aerospace, automotive, nuclear industry, energy, mold, locomotive, heavy machinery, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, machine tools, electronics, printing, textile and other manufacturing industries.

From small to large workpieces machining in a low to high volume production environment, gantry machining centre offer an extensive range of 3-, 4- and 5-axis capabilities with infinite possibilities to shape the parts you need.

Gantry Machine
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